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Adjectives and Prepositions

Do you know how to use adjectives with prepositions like interested in or similar to? Test what you know with interactive exercises and read the explanation to help you.


Can, Could, and (Be) Able To

Understanding modal verbs like 'can', 'could', and 'be able to' is crucial for effective communication in English. These verbs express ability, possibility, permission, and requests. Practice using them in different contexts to strengthen your grasp of English grammar and enhance your communication skills!


Will and Shall (Part 1)

Welcome to our beginner's guide to understanding two fundamental aspects of English grammar: 'will' and 'shall'. Whether you're just starting your journey in learning English or looking to refresh your knowledge, grasping the usage of these modal verbs is essential for effective communication!


Will and Shall (Part 2)

Welcome to our lesson on using 'will' and 'shall' in English! Today, we'll explore how to talk about the future and make plans using these important words. By the end of our lesson, you'll feel more confident about expressing future actions and predictions correctly. Let's get started!



Hello and welcome, dear beginners! "Was" and "were" are past tense forms of the verb "to be". "Was" is used for singular subjects, while "were" is used for plural subjects. Use the correct form of the verb to convey an accurate message.


Worked/Got/Went Etc. (Past Simple)

Explore the intricacies of Past Simple tense with this informative lesson.


I Didn't (Did You)...? (Past Simple Negative and Question Tags)

Let's learn the intricacies of Past Simple Negative statements and Question Tags in the dynamic grammar lesson, "I Didn't (Did You)...?" Discover how to wield these structures with precision and clarity.


I Was Doing (Past Continuous)

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of the "I Was Doing" structure, delving into its nuanced usage and understanding its significance in conveying past continuous actions. Explore how this grammatical construct adds depth and context to narratives and descriptions.


Active and Passive (Grammar Adventure for Beginners)

Welcome to Grammar Town, where sentences are like mysteries waiting to be solved! Join us as we unravel the secrets of Active and Passive Voice, turning you into a grammar detective extraordinaire.


Irregular Verbs

Remember, in the realm of grammar, knowledge is power, and irregular verbs are your secret weapon! With practice and perseverance, you'll master these magical words and wield them with confidence in your linguistic adventures.



Ahoy! When do we use the modal verb "might"? Let's find out!