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Become an IELTS

ESOL’s Masterclass for IELTS Trainers is a 40-hour workshop designed to help you prepare students to take the IELTS exam.


The gold standard teaching qualification.

Want to get ahead in your teaching career? Open to teachers from diverse backgrounds, including those with soft skills expertise or those seeking a career transition.

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What is Masterclass for IELTS (TTT)?

The IELTS Teacher Training Masterclass is a concise, 40-hour course providing IELTS teaching strategies, lesson planning, and feedback techniques, led by ESOL-certified professionals. Ideal for educators aiming to enhance their IELTS instruction skills, culminating in an ESOL certificate.

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Why is it Important to Teach IELTS?

IELTS teachers can change people's lives, helping them to achieve their goal to live, work or study abroad. IELTS is the most popular test for those looking to migrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK with millions of tests taken each year.

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What Makes ESOL's Masterclass for IELTS (TTT) Unique?

ESOL's IELTS Masterclass stands out with its practical micro-teaching sessions and the provision of a hard-copy certificate upon completion, offering a tangible recognition of the specialised training that online certifications can't match.

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What Skills Does this Masterclass Focus On?

This Masterclass focuses on enhancing IELTS-specific teaching techniques, lesson planning, student feedback strategies, and effective use of band descriptors.

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How is the IELTS Masterclass (TTT) Structured?

The IELTS Masterclass (TTT) is structured into a 5-day program, each evening split into two sessions. Day 1 focuses on IELTS fundamentals and teaching strategies. Days 2 to 5 are dedicated to enhancing specific skills: writing on Day 2, reading on Day 3, listening on Day 4, and speaking on Day 5, concluding with resource evaluation and a course wrap-up.

Get the BEST out of yourself and your students

Strengthen your educator network, improve your teaching approach, and learn to guide students effectively with the IELTS Masterclass.


Skill Development

Enhancing proficiency in teaching the four core IELTS areas: speaking, listening, writing, and reading.


Resource Utilization

Learning to effectively use teaching materials and activities tailored for IELTS preparation.


Strategy Implementation

Acquiring and applying diverse strategies to guide students towards IELTS exam readiness.


Professional Collaboration

Participating in knowledge and skill-sharing sessions with fellow IELTS educators.

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Why take this masterclass?

It is time to refresh your skills - like a personal software upgrade. Becoming an IELTS teacher is an opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of people. Discover the many benefits of teaching IELTS.

  • - Specialise in IELTS training to expertly guide candidates.
  • - Master the evaluation and application of IELTS resources.
  • - Hone analytical skills for IELTS strategies and tips.
  • - Earn and receive a London-issued ESOL certificate by post.

Future-proof your teaching skills. How you learn?

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Grasp IELTS basics and teaching methods.

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Skill Training

Learn specialised IELTS teaching techniques.

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Teaching Practice

Conduct and refine IELTS lessons with feedback.

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Earn an ESOL certificate and network.



The fee for the programme is ₹29,999.*

The programme fee covers all required study materials, programme activities, as well as Trainer Web App. We offer a 10% scholarship for ESOL Alumni.

For more information on what the programme fee covers, please speak to our Student Counsellor.

*Fees are subject to change.

Empower Your IELTS Teaching with
ESOL Trainer Web App

Access real-time progress, lessons, and analyse your performance to enhance teaching efficacy.

Utilise a diverse collection of materials and interactive tools to support varied learning needs and styles.

Employ ESOL's renowned tool for authentic exam preparation, designed by experienced IELTS examiners and software developers.

Monitor and guide your learning journey with detailed task completion and success metrics.

Engage with various interactive tasks like MCQs, listening exercises, and speaking drills for comprehensive practice.

Get tailored trainer feedback using detailed analytics to help you improve your masterclass performance.

Get assistance and advice from live counsellors to address any challenges in real-time.

Practice with advanced homework and quizzes, reinforcing your learning and teaching readiness.
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make a lasting impact on teachers.

The micro-teaching sessions were a game-changer for me. I'm now much more confident in my IELTS teaching approach.

Rohan - Mumbai

I loved the hands-on practice and the immediate, constructive feedback. It’s made a real difference in how I prepare my students for their exams.

Priya - Bangalore

This Masterclass isn't just a course; it's an interactive experience that has dramatically improved my teaching methods.

Aarav - New Delhi

The comprehensive resources and the ESOL certification I received have been invaluable to my career advancement.

Ananya - Kolkata

Learning from experts and networking with peers from across the country has truly expanded my professional landscape.

Shruti - Chennai

The structured approach to skill development for each IELTS component has helped me specialize my teaching strategies.

Kriti - Pune

The course’s focus on effective resource utilization has enriched my teaching material and engaged my students more."

Nikhil - Jaipur

The balance between theory and practical application in this Masterclass has perfected my teaching style.

Divya - Hyderabad
Contact us

Speak to our student counsellor

Whether you are an individual or an organisation/group looking for this masterclass, get in touch and we can help find the best solution for you.

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